Sunday, November 13, 2011

Paper Card Boxes

Paper boxes with an assortment of handmade cards.

Banner - Lucy

This is for little Lucy's first birthday party.  Ladybugs is the theme of course!

Wood & Paper Frames

I love the way these came out and can't wait to do some more!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Paper Banner - Colton

I made this banner for my sister.  Her best friend is having a little boy and she is in charge of decorations at the shower.  This is adorable to hang above the crib in the room too.  This was a fun project to work on and can't wait to see the nursery when I am finished putting all the cow spots on the wall. 

Friday, October 28, 2011


I made this chalkboard for our kitchen.  With a one year old there is always something I need to remember.  Especially with groceries.  I have also made one that says menu at the top.

Personalized Glass Light Blocks - Elmo & Lightning McQueen

This is an Elmo glass block i did for my son Aiden.  It is an awesome night light.

This is a glass block I did for my nephew Landon.

*Glass blocks are $25.00 each.

Customized Vinyl Wall Decor

This is above my son's crib.  Brown and blue were his colors, and of course the stars!
I put this quote on my dining room wall.  My grandparents built the house we live in and I love looking at this with their picture right next to it. <3
This is on our wall when you walk in the front door.  This was inspired by the pumpkin I did that sits on our porch.  I just really liked the design of it when I put it on the pumpkin so I put it on my wall too.

Door Decor

I made this for Halloween.  It hangs on our front door.

This is one I made for the winter season.  Can't see the glitter in the picture though :(

Personalized Candy Jar - Community Bank of Tri-County

This is a candy jar I made and everyone just loved it.  I am working on one for my sister to use in her classroom that says Mrs. Bussard's Reward Jar.  Hers has stickers and erasers in it to give out to the kids for a job well done!  Can't wait to see that when it is finished :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Diaper Cakes

This is a three tier diaper cake that I did for a friend.  It looks so elegant like a real cake!

This is a two tier diaper cake.

I really had fun making these two cakes.  Very rare to have a cow theme in a nursery, so I got a little carried away with all the things I made in cow print for Jenny.

Teacher Gifts

I made this as a gift for my sister who is a teacher.  It is an apple post it holder that I purchased and customized it by putting A+ Teacher and her name at the bottom. 

New Adventure

Ok so I decided to create this blog so that I can share my homemade crafts.  I have had several people ask me about making things for them or selling things that I have made.  So this will be my new adventure!  Anything you see here that you like just let me know.  I personalize anything and everything is custom made.  With Christmas coming I have decided to make a lot of gifts and I am super excited about it.  I have tons of ideas but not enough time since I have a one year old.  So I am going to try and get as much in as I can.  Thanks for checking out my blog and following my new adventure!